Despite heretical beliefs, Sensen followers' social interactions were judged natural

Despite heretical beliefs, Sensen followers' social interactions were judged natural

GARUT, (PR) .- The Caringin District Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) is concerned about the mistakes of the faith experienced by a small number of residents in the region. Based on the results of data collection conducted by the MUI of Caringin Subdistrict, the number of residents who became followers of Sensen was recorded by around 20 families, or at least 40 people.

The chairman of the Caringin District MUI Ahmad Nurjaman categorized them as militant followers. This, he said, has been going on for a long time.

“The preaching of Sensen's heresy in our area has been going on for a long time. “The last event that was handled, namely in 2013,” said Nurjaman, Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

He denied that the followers of the false prophet had changed his belief to be misguided because of economic factors. He assessed that the economic conditions of the followers of Sensen could be said to be equal to the people who generally work as farmers.

Socially, added Nurjaman, their daily lives in their neighborhoods were quite ordinary. They do not close themselves because they are still socializing with other residents.

“The daily activities with other residents seem normal. The only obvious difference is when they perform prayers, they face east, not west, and they have started since last June,” he said.

Apart from facing east, another difference is striking in the ordinances of worship, namely their different sentences of creed. Muhammad's name in their creed was replaced by Drs Sensen Komara bin Bakar Misbach.

This is what raises the confidence of citizens and MUI, if they have adhered to heretical teachings so that the plan will be reported to the police. He revealed, on Tuesday, December 4, 2018, his party along with a number of community leaders Caringin had visited Garut Mapolres.

Their arrival at the police station was only limited to consultation. After the case was explained, the Garut Regional Police also suggested that he and a number of figures from the Caringin District do official reporting.

Known for a long time

Although the emergence of heretical sects in the area has caused considerable unrest, Nurjaman admitted that until now the conducivity in his area was still well maintained. However, in order to prevent things from being expected, his party will immediately report this so that law enforcement officials will immediately intervene.

Sensen himself, he added, had never been to the Caringin area and had meetings with residents. However, the name Sensen has been very well known among residents, especially those who are adherents of the sect.

“Sensen never came to our area. During this time the residents who became his followers who came to see Sensen to Garut. The name Sensen had been known for a long time by them,” said Nurjaman.

Meanwhile the Chairperson of the MUI of Garut Regency, KH A Sirodjul Munir, admitted that he was very concerned about the development of the teachings that recognized Sensen as the apostle. Munir also regretted the procedure for the wrong prayer facing the Qiblah.

According to him this phenomenon that has happened for a long time and had not heard its activities after the case was handled legally. He also asked law enforcers to act quickly in handling, related to cults which were deemed to have declared the religion.

“If not, the teachings can develop and followers continue to grow,” Munir said. (Aep Hendy S) ***

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