10 Feathered Wedding Dress Inspirations, Wedding Dresses with Unique Charming Feather Accents


Whether the fabric of your love is long or very very short, marriage is arguably the most awaited moment for most couples. Some choose to celebrate on a large scale, some choose simple and intimate events, prioritizing togetherness. Whatever it is, everything is fine as long as it suits the budget and tastes of each.

Well, one of the pioneers in a marriage that is often the highlight of the reception itself is attire the bride. Yup, wedding dress usually prepared carefully by prospective brides and grooms so that their special moments are unforgettable. If usually wedding dresses are only limited to white dresses with sparkling sequins or beads, you can also try other styles, namely feathered dress super trendy, extravagant and seems luxurious as recently worn by public Lolita Agustine figures on her wedding day. In order for wedding dress with details of your ideal feathers to fall, it doesn't become cheap, check first on the recommendation of this Hipwee feather dress!

1. Wearing mermaid dress with details of feathers like this combined with beautiful brocade, it will give an elegant and elegant eccentric impression. Dare to try?

Beautiful, right? via dressespic.blogspot.com

2. For Disney lovers, you will definitely fall in love with a dress off shoulder this dangle. Feathered accents at the end of the dress give the impression of luxury and elegance

Magnificent! via www.weddingomania.com

3. Are you the type of girl who is not bothered? Can try to explore short dresses with this beautiful feather accent

Uwuwu ~ via www.weddingomania.com

4. Dress feathers with color rose gold it will not only make you unique, but also effortlessly chic! Fashionista definitely going to love a dress like this

Who wants to be different, you can try this via www.weddingomania.com

5. The festive sequin details at the top of the dress plus a wide feather dress skirt with high hemispheres is suitable for you who is as ideal as possible. Section ~

From the Elie Saab Couture Spring Summer 2015 Paris show via www.weddingomania.com

6. Want a classic impression on your wedding dress? Maybe greek dress with the details of this feather it could be your inspiration on the wedding day

It's really pretty ~ via www.weddingomania.com

7. Don't want the details of the feathers in the dress plain just like that? Try it strapless wedding dress with beautiful feather ornaments in a skirt like this

Sweet and elegant! via www.elegantweddinginvites.com

8. The details of imitation ostrich feathers on wedding dresses can be luxurious, elegant and super unique accents for you. If it's already splashy like this, make the top as simple as possible

Mevvah ~ via phillipalepley.com

9. Marriage of Lolita Agustine some time ago might have been missed by you. But believe me, the feather reception dress is very powerful, like the exclusive participant of the annual Met Gala event. Super stylish!

Kece ~ via www.instagram.com

10. White dress for the moment holy matrimonyit's also no less shaky. Do you dare to style Lolita on your wedding day?

Ala-ala style of the 20s right? via www.instagram.com


If you don't dare to try a dress with super attractive feather details, you might be interested in trying out wedding shoes with super fur details cute like this. Beautiful, right?

Duh, is it really bad or not? via www.elegantweddinginvites.com

Hopefully this Hipwee reference can be a brilliant idea for you to tinker with your wedding dress later. Yes, it doesn't have to be exact, but everything returns to each person's taste, right? I wish you could, as long as you are happy there is nothing wrong with glancing at ideas feathered wedding dress this Hipwee style, hehe!

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