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JungleHouse Present in Jakarta Teach Artivism during COP24 - Hijauku.com - Indonesian Green Site

This unique project is present in Jakarta this December. This climate justice themed project was carried out along with the implementation of the United Nations Climate Summit, COP24. Communities, artists and activists band together to face the challenges of climate change that flows faster than floods.

The name of the project is JungleHouse Jakarta (JJ). JJ is a unique ten-day program, with closed and open to public sessions that will inform, educate and stimulate anyone interested in learning more about local and global action to deal with the biggest crisis we face today, namely climate change and global warming , which is important for the survival of humanity.

The gap between the world of art and activism in Indonesia is still very wide. This contradicts the global trend of meaninglessness, where activists / artists have begun to shift from traditional action to creative action on social media to public intervention so that the world also participates in tackling climate change and global warming.

The world artists, trying to be more honest by utilizing their skills to describe the current system in order to create a new world, as a manifestation of one of the classic roles of art in society.

This project seeks to bridge the gap between the world of art and activism in Indonesia. They also tried to provide an alternative narrative from the official negotiation process taking place at the Climate Summit, COP24 in Katowice, Poland. This project seeks to create space for those whose voices are alienated and unheard, especially those in the southern hemisphere (Global South).

The previous JungleHouse project was always held in cities that hosted the climate change conference / COP. They created an art space, an ArtSpace, filled with banners, artwork, dolls and other media while creating community spaces or homes for activists and artists to live, share and connect with each other. But this year, the Artivists @ SEA team evolved by holding the action in Jakarta.

With so much attention to COP24 in Poland, this team will unite activists in Indonesia by holding a joint school or CoSchool during COP24. Activists will learn about artivism, get the skills to run a public awareness campaign and assist in the ReDesign System process, an active process for writing “New Stories” that are not limited by “Old Stories”.

CoSchool is divided into three main sessions namely public sessions on weekends and weekdays in the afternoon and evening, sharing sessions and workshop sessions. All are filled with interesting discussions, to help activists design campaigns so that their voices are heard, learn new skills and become part of the climate solution, not become contributors to pollution.

The opening ceremony began on December 8-9, where they brought together artists and activists to learn about Artivism and take part in global action (Climate Alarm). “We will talk about the importance of connecting art to changing the world, watching cool videos and sharing with each other. We will hold a training session, discussions about Earth CitizenShip, evening and evening yoga meditation sessions, and hold a Word Power workshop – how to use written words to strengthen messages, said Angus Joseph, spokesman for the Artivists @ SEA team

The peak is on Saturday, December 15. The Artivists, 350.org and Climate Rangers Indonesia teams will hold a FossilFree Focus event. This event is a solidarity meeting for members of the Fossil Free campaign group from all over Indonesia. The participants will learn about how to make a digital campaign by involving volunteers and sharing tips for creating meaningful actions and campaigns.

In the evening an exhibition will be held which displays the work of the meaning of the results of previous activities. The exhibition opened at 7pm, with the first presentation and performance taking place at 8pm. The exhibition will be open to the public again on Sunday, December 16.

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Want to connect and join Team Artivists? Please follow and look at their Instagram account: @ArtivistsatSEA. All sessions are free and open to the public, but you can also contribute to the holding of this event. The Artivists @ SEA team is part of the ArtivistNetwork.

Location of JungleHouse Jakarta

Wulangreh Omah Budaya
Jl. Pejaten Barat No.16D (Griya Patria Complex) (4.34 miles)
South Jakarta 12550
Phone: (021) 27807326

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