Money Politics in the 2019 Election Is More Alert Than Potential for Conflict

Money Politics in the 2019 Election Is More Alert Than Potential for Conflict

NGAMPRAH, (PR) .- The 2019 election not only gave birth to new politics in Indonesia, but also throughout the world. For the first time, presidential and legislative elections were held simultaneously.

The potential for conflict in the 2019 Election is believed not too high, but money politics will remain a threat that needs to be watched out. This was raised in the Seminar of the “60 Green” Pasis Sespimma Sespim National Education and Training Center School in Sespim Polri, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, Thursday 6 December 2018.

The seminar with the theme “Enhancing Proactive Political Synergy to Safeguard the 2019 Election Process Phase in Order to Realize a Conducive Situation” was attended by Chief Inspector General of Police Irjenpol Wahyu Indra Stewardess, and a number of speakers, such as Professor of IPDN Ermaya Suradinata, Chairman of Bawaslu Jabar Abdullah, West Java KPU Commissioner Idham Kholik, and Invisible Binmas Polrestabes Bandung AKBP Hermansyah.

Ermaya said, the 2019 Election was a venue for simultaneous democratic parties, because the presidential election, the DPD RI, the DPR RI, the provincial DPRD, and the Regency / City DPRD were held simultaneously. In 2019, he said, it became the momentum of democracy which would give birth to a new, more efficient politics.

“So, the new politics will be born after the 2019 Election. So far the politics is still using a long process. For the first time Indonesia, even in the world, gave birth to a result through democracy in which the political system took place simultaneously. “Ermaya said.

Even though it is more efficient, he considers, a long process and thought is needed so that elections in Indonesia can be more effective. The point is that the people selected through the electoral process are the best, have quality and quality.

“What is chosen by the people is how qualified and qualified people are. Well, what's the solution? One of them is every party that has the authority to determine its cadres, then cadres who are offered to the people are cadres who are ready to sit in the legislature and executive,” he said .

This, he continued, requires a rule in the form of a regulation that requires all parties to carry out cadre training for candidacy. Although there are parties that provide training for candidates, so far there are still many parties that nominate figures in elections without training or regeneration processes.

“There are still many people (elected by election) who are still involved in legal cases. That is, this shows that we are still not ready for the results of the elections that we have done. The results of this election are not perfect, still need improvement extreme, “he said.

West Java KPU Commissioner Idham Kholik, said what needs to be emphasized in the 2019 Election is electoral integrity and electoral malpractice. He said, election organizers from the start of the KPU, Bawaslu, the government, until the TNI / Polri apparatus must have integrity towards their responsibilities.

Sporadic threats

Meanwhile, Chief of the National Police Secretary General Inspector General Wahyu Pramugari said, for now the police are still groping for the vulnerability of conflict in the electoral process. In the first quarter of 2019, he said, the potential for conflict would be easier to read.

He hopes that the pasis sespimma can play a role in securing the 2019 Election after graduating later.

“However, from the results mapping, maybe it is money politics. That is a threat, which can occur sporadically everywhere. Well, the pasis is expected to provide escort to prevent money politics. However, money politics “It cannot be handled directly by the police, so it must be coordinated with the Election Supervisory Body,” Wahyu said.

He added that the 60th class of Sespimma was 100 people. The 60th student of the first leadership school was the first batch to be trained on the Lembang National Police Sespim campus, because the previous generation was educated in Ciputat, South Jakarta.

“They have been educated for about four months, the closure is planned for December 12,” he said. ***

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