Definition, Explanation, Sequence, Procedure [LENGKAP]

Definition, Explanation, Sequence, Procedure [LENGKAP]

Pillars of Hajj – Hajj is one of the worship that takes place, requires a long time and careful preparation. Until making this one service became one of the services that risked many things, both time, energy, wealth and family. We can imagine in the process too, namely the pillars of the pilgrimage carried out in the mecca in conditions in the desert.

A heavy process and must prepare many things, so that worship can always be solemn and solemn. Therefore, for prospective pilgrims who will carry out the pilgrimage, it is obligatory to know about the pillars and the conditions of the pilgrimage, so that they always know and understand the matter of how and how to perform the Hajj properly and correctly. So that it is orderly and becomes mabrur hajj.

Pillars of Hajj 1: Intention

Pillars of Hajj
Pillars of Hajj

Intention or Ihram, in the pillars of the pilgrimage is to believe with the truth that at that moment, be met between this body with the house of the creator. So that it must be applied in accordance with what you want to do. Just like when praying for intentions, pronounced with lips. So that it will be in accordance with what is being done.

But there are also those who only intend to use the heart, which is also permissible by the saheeh hadith. The intention for the Hajj was marked by the use of Ihram clothes both male and female. All forms of worship in the pilgrimage have a lot of sequences and procedures. So it is necessary for the pilgrims to understand it.

Ihram and intention become an inseparable entity, because being a pillar of the hajj means being a thing that cannot be abandoned. There is no tolerance when discussing the pillars of the Hajj. Likewise the implementation and clothing used when carrying out the pilgrimage, that is, has been determined and there should be no new discoveries or ideas about this matter.

Starting with the intention and believing in the truth means that you have wholeheartedly devoted, about the call of the divine to being able to move the heart of a servant to his rabb. Intention is important because it is the beginning of the pilgrimage. When the intention is different, then the Hajj will not run smoothly.

So why does this intention become the most important thing so that the pilgrims will position what they want to worship in front of the ka'bah. Maximizing worship activities or just just a holiday.

Pillars of Hajj 2: Accept at Arafat

Pillars of Hajj
Pillars of Hajj

The implementation of the Hajj after the intention and wearing the Ihram clothes is to carry out the application of calmness. The congregation that carries out the Wukuf in Padang Arafah does many things and one of them is to call Allah's asthma, and glorify all forms of prayer and requests for forgiveness for the mistakes that have been made, when in the act of speaking and speaking.

This point is only a small part of the application of the pilgrimage, which at the core of all is humbling before Rabb, which has been committed by many sins. So that the pillars of the pilgrimage apply the pattern of apology to the creator. Silence does not necessarily remain silent without doing anything when doing Wukuf.

It is precisely when performing the Hajj and conducting prayer and worshipers praying throughout the day, that this can be categorized as a worship that a worshiper really wants to maximize. But there are also those who do not maximize the moment of this time, because they have different intentions. Even so, even when staying up, the whole activity is prayer.

When prayer, dhikr and surrender are carried out with the truth and done in earnest, then the psychological impact will increase the positive energy in a worshiper. So why when you see pilgrims returning home after the Hajj, it will surely have an impact in the form of attitudes and characteristics of the pilgrims.

Can changes in attitudes that exist in the pilgrims become more calm, and quiet. Because it is indeed a series of pillars of the Hajj, but even so the meaning and purpose of each pillar of Hajj is always to be carried out, because when it is not carried out just one pillar of Hajj, it is not valid in the Hajj.

Rukun Haji 3: Thawaf Ifadhah

Pillars of Hajj
Pillars of Hajj

Take a trip around the Ka'bah as much as 7 times must be done by a pilgrim who performs the Hajj. We know that going around this Ka'bah becomes a pillar of Hajj, so it must be done for a pilgrim even though conditions are not possible. This is why maintaining a good body is very necessary.

Conditions and weather in Mecca make pilgrims have to take care of themselves. After doing wukuf in the arafah field with high temperatures, then proceed with thawaf by using extra energy, because they have to circle the Ka'bah by jostling with other worshipers.

The conditions crammed into a fall and until there were many people who died, indeed it has become commonplace because indeed the embodiment of the worship of the thawaf towards the cry of the rabb. Fulfilling the call from Allah SWT, for the servant who is permitted and desired by Allah SWT.

Surrounding means trying to get close and trying to stay istiqomah in the way. This is what we can actually get in life in the world. Indeed, each pillar of the Hajj has a deep meaning, between the servant and his god. So why is it that every pillar of the pilgrimage is always always reminiscent of the creator.

Pillar of Hajj 4: Sa'i

Pillars of Hajj
Pillars of Hajj

Jogging from the hill of the couch to the hill of Marwah became a pillar of hajj which must be carried out by a pilgrim, who performed the Hajj. This trip or this little jog used to tell about the struggle of a mother who was looking for a sip of water in the desert, for her child. But what the struggle did not pay off on some searches.

After istiqomah and patiently looking for a source of these springs, then on a jogging quest from the couch hill to the 7th time to the sea, then the water that continues to flow continues to spring and make the city that used to be only a barren desert , now a big and modern city.

This is the lesson given by God to the pilgrims, to keep on doing the learning and struggle of the previous mujahids. One of them is by carrying out one of the pillars of the pilgrimage in the form of jogging from the couch hill to the hill of the sea. Although running small, many also fell sick even to death.

This can not be denied if the trip and every implementation of the pillars of the pilgrimage in Mecca is very heavy, because they have to fight the temperature and the weather is uncertain. But even so, with the beginning of an intention of Hajj and sincerity towards Allah SWT. Then it must remain steadfast and struggle until it is able to complete every pillar of the pilgrimage, and become a hajj mabrur.

The first trip now to travel from the couch hill to the Marwah hill is very different. Now a road has been facilitated to travel to the two hills. This is possible for pilgrims, to comfortably carry out this religious service. The facility is in the form of a road that is made through a tunnel, so that it will reduce the intensity of the blazing sun during the day. And of course it will reduce the number of deceased worshipers.

Rukun Haji 5: Tahallul

Pillars of Hajj
Pillars of Hajj

The series of pillars of the pilgrimage which must have passed will ultimately change and make the soul that was previously different from after performing the Hajj. We know that the whole process of the pilgrimage has meaning, so that all evil can disappear with goodness. Likewise with the pillars of the Hajj after Sa'i namely tahallul. That is cleaning up on a worshiper.

Tahallul is shaving his hair and beard, indicating that the pilgrimage is indeed cleansing physically and spiritually. This indeed happened because this worship included physically, to be able to complete this long and heavy worship. As well as spiritually, surely there will be an inner experience related to worship in the Holy Mosque.

So when carrying out the pilgrimage it is not permissible to shave hair and nails. Because there are some pillars that are intended to do this, namely tahallul. Even though it's only shaving nails and hair, it still shouldn't be done. While still doing so it will violate the pillars of this pilgrimage, and certainly will reduce the legitimate pillars of the Hajj.

The pillars of the pilgrimage are binding on all pilgrims from anywhere and anytime, because this has become an order from the rabb of the universe. From dressing, behavior, procession and procedures to be done. All of that must always be done and done with intentions, hoping for the blessing of Allah SWT.

Pillars of Hajj 6: Orderly in the Implementation

Pillars of Hajj
Pillars of Hajj

True happiness is able to complete and complete the pillars of the Hajj optimally and optimally. We can know if the journey from one pillar to another is indeed high physical and psychological energy. So surely there will be many pilgrims who will experience various problems and of course, inevitably they still have to solve them.

This pillar is obligatory, when a pilgrim is unable to solve it even though he is sick, he still has to get to his destination. Orderly means that it has carried out the entire sequence of events in the implementation of the Hajj. Will feel less, when unable to directly participate in carrying out the pilgrimage. Because there are pilgrims who really just stop by because of illness.

The committee and volunteers escorting the Hajj pilgrims also optimize so that the pilgrims who experience illness or disruption, when carrying out the pillars of this pilgrimage, will still be able to continue every pillar of their hajj. Even with a wheelchair, even a bed delivered by the hospital, because of the importance of the pillars of this pilgrimage.

So for those of you who will carry out the Hajj, of course you have to take care of yourself and your health in order to stay focused and be able to carry out the whole series of pillars of Hajj, safely, healthily and certainly smoothly. If it is too enthusiastic at the beginning, then it is likely that the next pillar of the Hajj will experience a decline in health. Therefore, it still must be consistent in maintaining body health. Don't get sick when you're finished.

Pillars of Hajj 7: Pray Really When Carrying Out Hajj

Pillars of Hajj
Pillars of Hajj

Praying and thinking always reverberates in a pilgrim worshiper. Any positive things and good things done in Mecca will certainly produce good results for a congregation. Even when carrying out prayer all the time, the response will be extraordinary. So the implementation of the pillars of the Hajj is always accompanied by prayer, and dzikir.

Hajj is only done for about 1 month. But it will have an impact later. We know that every pillar of the pilgrimage carried out has deep meanings and meanings. From ihrom to tahallul, all of which are always accompanied by prayer and dhikr, and always mention the name of Allah SWT as the one who calls mankind to Mecca.

This call is actually given by his servants, from the rabb of the universe. Not looking at old young men, women, officials and ordinary people. When carrying out this pilgrimage, there will be no partition between one congregation and other worshipers. When you have been in the Holy Mosque, then all humans are brothers and sisters, religion, Islam.

Praying in front of the Holy Mosque is one of the most awaited and anticipated things by all the Muslims of the world. Because doing it has become a perfection of a servant, the lips of a human being in front of the house of Allah SWT, will surely bring an atmosphere of togetherness between a servant and his rabb. So it is appropriate that more and more days are crowded by the pilgrims.

Improvement of facilities was also given by the managers of the unlawful mosque, so that the pilgrims felt comfortable while carrying out the pilgrimage. Even so, the pilgrims will focus on praying and dhikr without regard to the atmosphere and conditions. Because indeed when you have seen the Holy Mosque, it will be forgotten by all things worldly.

Istiqomah After Hajj

Pillars of Hajj
Pillars of Hajj

The lesson is valuable when carrying out the pilgrimage, of course, every activity in the pillars of the pilgrimage performed in Mecca will have a profound effect on each pilgrim of the region and country. The most important thing in carrying out the pilgrimage is, keep the heart and mind always istiqomah and be patient in carrying out the commands of Allah SWT, and stay away from prohibitions and taboos from Allah SWT.

Improving the quality of worship will certainly be obtained, when it is able to maximize the worship that exists in Mecca when carrying out the entire series of pilgrimages. By penetrating into the heart, then when coming back to the country of origin it will certainly make worship more enjoyable and solemn.

Stay istiqomah in the way of Allah SWT, and always be enthusiastic and active in performing worship, of course, be the fruit of the Hajj. Because most people carry out the pilgrimage, when they return to their home country, the attitude of worship will be more maximal. And of course in carrying out worship different from before.

This can happen because when he saw many pilgrims carrying out the pilgrimage, there were many who fell sick, to death. This makes it so precious to enjoy healthy and enjoyable faith. so that it will strengthen the faith in worshiping Allah SWT, to always carry out His commands and stay away from His prohibitions.

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Pillars of Hajj

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