Improve Tobacco Quality by Implementing Good Agriculture Practices

Improve Tobacco Quality by Implementing Good Agriculture Practices

“The government through the GAP program, has provided facilities and infrastructure for tobacco farmers, both in the form of seeds, as well as fertilizers and pest control drugs,” he explained.

He added, the GAP program itself was a form of certification implementation in the establishment of predetermined standard basic seeds, thereby producing high-quality and highly competitive tobacco production.

“With the application of certified tobacco seeds, the impact on the environment is also maintained sustainably,” he explained later.

Separately, Sojo, head of the Ngawi District Indonesian Tobacco Farmers Association (APTI), explained that with the guidance and training of the local Dispertan, he also felt helped, both in terms of facilities and infrastructure in tobacco production.

“Constraints that often arise so that crop failure occurs is that farmers are often trapped in the pursuit of planting, so they pay less attention to the season,” explained Sojo.

Even so, in the last few years and the emergence of the GAP program, which continued to be facilitated by related agencies, still according to Sojo, this could help the tobacco farmers more or less in terms of production and economic level of tobacco farmers.

“We will do guidance, both how to plant, harvest and display to increase tobacco production in high quality Ngawi,” said Sojo.ADV Dispertan Ngawi
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