Two high schools in Madiun City Change Leadership

Two high schools in Madiun City Change Leadership

Even though the two schools experienced a leadership vacuum, this did not interfere with the teaching and learning process. (wshendro – madiuntoday)

MADIUN – The headmaster (kasek) in the ex-residency of Madiun began to shift. No exception in the city of Madiun. At present, there are two schools that experience a leadership vacuum. Namely, SMAN 2 Madiun and SMAN 6 Madiun because Kasek had previously retired.

However, that won't last long. Because, tomorrow on Friday (11/1) a new handover (sertijab) will be held by the Head of the Branch Office of the East Java Education Office in Madiun Supardi. '' We plan to do it (sertijab) at SMAN 2 Madiun, 'said Supardi.

When asked for the names of the new officials who would occupy the Kasek chair, Supardi also gave details. For SMAN 2 Madiun will be led by Pramujo Budiarto who previously served as head of SMAN 1 Wungu.

Meanwhile, the position of kasek at SMAN 6 Madiun will be filled by Prawito who previously served as the head of SMAN 1 Saradan.

Because of this shift, the position of head of SMAN 1 Wungu will be filled by Ritul Ida Jarwati who was previously a teacher at SMKN 8 Malang City. Then, SMAN 1 Saradan will be led by Mahmudi who was previously a teacher at SMAN 1 Geger.

Supardi said, the shift of kasek in all areas of East Java was natural. Moreover, after the authority of SMA / SMK was submitted from the city / regency to the province. ’'So, every kasek and teacher are ready to move assignments,' he said.

After the implementation of the certificate, each Kasek will be directly assigned to their respective posts. Supardi hoped that this change would have a good impact on each school.

This is similar to the statement of the Head of East Java Education Agency Saiful Rachman while attending the inauguration of SMAN 3 Taruna Angkasa some time ago. After the transfer of authority, the East Java Provincial Government is determined to equalize education in all its regions. So, there is no disparity between regions regarding this field.

This year, Dindik Jatim will focus on the issue of the Human Development Index (HDI). One of them is preparing various programs that will be applied in various regions. Especially, in areas with the lowest HDI.

’'Madiun City is an area with a high HDI in East Java. The hope is that synergy between regions can improve the level of education in East Java more evenly, '' he said. (WS Hendro / irs / madiuntoday)

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