Agnez Mo enters iHeart Radio Music Award Nomination, It's Cool Isn't Endless!

Agnez Mo enters iHeart Radio Music Award Nomination, It's Cool Isn't Endless!

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Agnez Mo is one of the singers who has long been active in the country of music in the country. Agnez began his career even when he was a child. Now, at the age of 32 years, the singer still survives and has even entered the international world.

Already countless achievements that he has achieved during his career in the world of entertainment. Even Agnez had a career in the role world. Now, the news returns to come from the singer. Agnez Mo was nominated for one music award prestigious at the international level.

Through his Instagram account, Agnez Mo announced that he was included in iHeart Radio Music Award 19 in the Social Star Award nomination

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The proud news came from the homeland singer who is now reaching the international world, Agnez Mo. Through his Instagram account, the singer “Coke Bottle” posted a poster showing him to be one of the nominees at this year's iHeart Radio Music Awards. And Agnez Mo was nominated for the 'Social Star Award'. Agnez will compete with several other artists from other parts of the world, such as Bhad Bhabie, Dylan Minnette, Joji, Loren Gray, Mason Ramsey, Queen Naija, Tana Mongeau, Trixie Mattel, and Catfish Pons. This announcement was delivered by iHeart Radio yesterday, although the new performance will begin on March 14 at Los Angeles.

In order for Agnez Mo to win this category, Warganet can participate by doing it vote via social media

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There are two ways to participate in sending vote for Agnez wherever you are. First, you can visit the site or make tweet which contains the hashtag or hashtag #AgnezMo #SocialStarAward #iHeartAwards. All three tags must be loaded in one tweet so that it can be counted as one vote. Vote This will open from January 9 to March 7 2019. Agnez hopes for great support for him, especially from the Indonesian people who have been supporting him so that he can continue working and achieving this.

Easy enough, right? Don't forget to follow along vote yes! Who knows, with one support you will deliver Agnez Mo as the winner of the Social Star Award category and defeat the others. Because Agnez's victory is of course our pride ~

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