Not Seen Hate, This Cosplay Superhero Even Makes Amused and Funny. What is important is cheap

Not Seen Hate, This Cosplay Superhero Even Makes Amused and Funny. What is important is cheap

Cosplay has become a part of pop culture. Starting from Japan, now it has spread everywhere. In Indonesia, there are also many communities cosplay. You can meet him in big cities. You could say cosplay is a form of fans' appreciation to creators of characters, cartoons, superheroes and others. Those who do it will also look creative and unique. Because in fact, imitating favorite figure costumes is not easy. Many also succeed. But, instead of looking tired, cosplayers who fail sometimes are amused and insulting, like this ~

1. Not only creativity is needed, but also capital. What do you think about this one cosplayer?


2. Even though it has capital of confidence and creativity, this one cosplayer seems to have memorized the character of a ninja turtle ~

In fact, it's like a Mummy ~ via

3. Because of being too creative, this cosplayer took the initiative to restore Ironman's nature as an Iron Man

It's not like this, Bro! -_- via

4. Seeing a cosplayer like this make us think, is it possible that this Simpson cartoon has the wrong fans?

Not the wrong cartoon ~ via

5. The figures of Batman and Leo (TNMT) who are good at fighting actually look cemen when they wear costumes

Not the wrong character ~ via

6. Have a good costume loan capital, but why choose any character anyway? 🙁

Iyuuuh ~ via

7. Who are you waiting for, Mbak Sailor Moon? -_-

Emaaknya Sailormoon ~ via

8. What kind of Pokemon is he looking for? Pikachu or Bulbasaur?

Team Rocket! via

9. Until Dragon Ball finished, it seems like there's never been a Bezita scene playing ping pong …

His hair uses a carton like a high school student via

10. Since when did Mr. Popo wear sneakers, wooy ?!

chinos again -_- via

11. If there is someone like Wolverine who is afraid, right? 😀

low budget via

12. “Go home Robocop. You look for it. The cake pan will be used for cooking for arisan! “

Robocop via

13. How important is an Oscar made for cosplay? Not that there are still many cartoon figures that are cool superheroes

very bodo via

14. Akatsuki branch of southeast Sukoharjo

local wisdom via

15. You can't say anything other than … amaaaaat body! -_-

KZL via

So cosplayers are not easy. Besides needing funds to make or rent costumes, it also requires high creativity so that the effort to imitate your idol figure does not fail as you have witnessed yourself. Instead of being disappointed, the failure to imitate the idol figure's costume actually made me amused. But it doesn't matter too, if it's your intention to entertain people. But are you still sure that dressing up like that people will be entertained? : p

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