Competition in Persib Tight, Beckham Talks Opportunity

Competition in Persib Tight, Beckham Talks Opportunity

BANDUNG, (PR) .- Persib Bandung young player Beckham Putra Nugraha spoke of the opportunity to be able to enter the Persib Bandung senior team. Beckham, who in the 2018 season managed to bring the Persib U-19 to the League 1 Under-19 championship, judging that the prospect of being able to enter the Persib Bandung senior team was not easy.

Beckham, who plays as an attacking midfielder, does not deny that when his time is called to the senior team, competition in the Persib Bandung midfield will be tight.

But he is confident with the hard work and abilities possessed, he will compete with senior players at Persib. Beckham said that recently Persib Bandung management had held talks with him, just waiting for certainty to join.

“Yesterday there was (chat) but there was no confirmation yet. Beckham shows quality, don't look at junior or senior people who are important in confidence, “Beckham said when met at Arcamanik Stadium, Bandung, Saturday, January 12, 2019.

Not only that, despite having successfully brought the Persib U-19 to the championship the previous season, Beckham did not want to be complacent. In the 2018 season Beckham also managed to set himself up as a goal scorer in the League 1 Under-19 event.

Of course with a myriad of capable achievements and abilities, making the 17-year-old player can be projected to be able to join the team nicknamed Maung Bandung. Regarding the target in the following season, Beckham hopes that regular competition can be immediately implemented by PSSI (Indonesian Football Association).

The reason is, he hopes to be able to bring Persib U-19 more achievers and contribute to the team he defended. But because the official competition cannot be sure to begin soon, he will continue to try to maintain his physical condition by doing a series of exercises, in order to keep the touches so that when the competition starts, the condition can be excellent.

“We keep the conditions the most so that we don't lose touch, because we have to be ready whenever the competition is held,” he said.

Talking about the interest of several teams to ask for her hand, Beckham stressed that he still made Persib Bandung a priority. Although it is undeniable that many other teams are trying to bring it from Persib Bandung. ***

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